Outstanding Leaf Removal Services

Let us take on the challenge of removing the winter leaves stuck in the nooks and crannies of your property. Leaf removal in Coppell, TX, may be labor intensive, but our method is simple.

About Our Process

We blow all the leaves out from underneath the shrubs, away from your house, and into the yard. Then, our contractors rake, bag, and haul to the trash pickup designation on your property. Usually, there’s no limit to the amount of disposable refuse bags (brown paper bags) that waste management companies will haul off on their pickup day. If we use plastic leaf bags, waste management will take away up to 10 loads.

Our company gives hourly and estimated prices for leaf cleanup lasting one week. Rarely, we are ever off by more than one hour in an estimate, but heavy rain or high winds can change everything. You will receive a bill based on the time spent at your property, notifying you of extra quoted hours before continuing.

The size of your property will generally dictate how many contractors we send out for leaf cleanup. Please remember that included in the hourly price is not only the cost of time spent blowing, raking, bagging, and hauling but also covers travel time and the cost of bags. We can use whichever type of bags you choose, but disposable bags take a little longer than plastic leaf bags.


Leaf Removal Prices:

• $65 per hour for a one-man crew.
• $130 per hour for a two-man crew.
• $195 per hour for a three-man crew.

Children Playing in Autumn Leaves