Better Looking Yards with Sod Installation

Depending on your property, your lawn may need a specific service due to the amount of sun, shade, or water. For the most part, we use three different types of grass for sod installation in Coppell, TX. However, there are different varieties of each. Our sod contractors are experts and can change the look of your yard with our special services. 

Types of Grass for Your Lawn:

Zoysia Grass: Grows the slowest in comparison to other grasses. Its rich dark color comes in different varieties and textures, such as diamond, emerald, and palisades. Diamonds and emeralds have fine blades and grow well in the shade; however, they struggle in open sunny areas during the summer. Palisades have numerous purposes and develop in the shade or bright places once established. It resembles Bermuda grass so that they can expand next to each other. Even though Zoysia is expensive, it’s more weed-tolerant and disease resistant.

Bermuda Grass: This cost-efficient and quick-growing grass does very well in sunny areas, being drought tolerant. It’s not shade tolerant, so it can’t succeed under trees or on the north side of a fence or wall. It has a bright green color. This type of grass tends to get more weeds than others, but it never gets diseases.

St. Augustine Grass: It is a fast-growing, thick, and bladed grass that can adjust to moderate shade and excels with sunlight. The potential of fungus, diseases, and chinch bugs looms over the beauty of this grass. It may eventually need additional treatments of fungicides and pesticides for inevitable illnesses and pests.

Before And After Installation Of Zoysia GrassBefore And After Installation Of Lawn