Lawn Care for Year-Round Customers

Your property will stay clean and presentable with our routine lawn care in Coppell, TX. We offer various services ideal for keeping your home and property looking extraordinary during any season. Reach out if you need the services mentioned below and start year-round lawn maintenance now.

Every yearly maintenance agreement is unique, according to your landscape needs. We deliver detailed lawn care services to preserve the beauty of your outdoors. Enjoy your spare time on the weekends and leave the mowing to us. Our lawn care program includes weed control and fertilization for your turf, but also the following:

• Mowing
• Edging
• String Trimming (Weed Eating)
• Blowing
• Bed Weeding
• Shrub Hedging & Pruning
• Leaf Removal

Outside Lawn

Weed Control & Fertilization Services

Our herbicide program focuses on lawn enhancement, keeping your grass lush and green. We offer pre- and post-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds and granular fertilization from greening your lawn. The pictures below demonstrate the difference between a lawn being treated with a preventative weed program and one that is not. These are actual pictures from our commercial and residential properties.

Lawn With Some Grass
Grass patch needing weed control & fertilization

Enhancing Your Landscaping

Keep your landscape fresh with enhancements like mulch and seasonal flowers to improve curb appeal. These types of services are available for our contract maintenance customers.

Our goal is to keep your yard’s needs simple for visual impact. We offer a variety of enhancements that can make an aesthetic landscape improvement, such as:

• Sod Installation (Offered to Any Type of Customer)
• Seasonal Flowers
• Tree & Shrub Plantings
• Leaf Removals
• Mulch Installations
• Soil Installations
• Flower Bed Installations

Caucasian Professional Garden Worker
Enhance Landscaping Outside The House

Landscaping for Arid Climates

Xeriscape is a landscaping practice developed especially for arid to semi-arid climates. It conserves water by using drip irrigation, drought-tolerant flowers and plants, mulch, and various stone or rock combinations.

Drought restrictions and water conservation are becoming more prevalent in our North Texas area every year. Xeriscaping is an incredibly resourceful method that addresses those concerns by providing a beautiful landscape. This type of landscaping not only has carefree maintenance but also saves you money on your water bill while helping out the environment.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we will inform you about the positive effect of xeriscaping on your landscape and the North Texas climate. Also, ask us about the best watering practices to help conserve water.