Improving Your Yard’s Look


Annual Landscape Maintenance for Residential & Commercial Outdoors

LandBoss is your ideal choice for year-round lawn and landscape maintenance in Coppell, TX. Most of our work is for residential properties, but we also take on small to medium-sized commercial properties. And, if you become our regular maintenance customer, we offer special offers.

Year-Round Service

Rather than a one-time or bi-weekly mowing, our company focuses on annual services. Shrub trimming, bed weeding, weed control, and a fertilization program for your grass require constant care for months. Our goal is to keep your property clean and fresh while looking great all year long, not just some of the time.

We also offer several one-time billable services for our regular maintenance customers. These include design, landscape installations, flower installations, sprinkler inspections, and repairs. For non-annual customers, we offer sod installation and winter leaf removal.

Lawn maintenance is a year-round endeavor. In winter, we add six more visits than usual to get through the growing season, so the cost of service is lower. With lawn services during these months and yearly maintenance, expect reduced spring cleanup fees. For winter, we recommend reaching out to learn about our special offers that can benefit your payments for those months.


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Weed Control & Fertilization

Plants With Fertilizer

Shrub Trimming & Bed Weeding

Shoveling The Land

Softscape Installations

Garden Hose


About Us

We are a locally owned Limited Liability Company (LLC) specializing in lawn care maintenance and xeriscaping. We are dedicated to embellishing your landscape and providing the best customer service.

Whether it’s a one-time visit or if you signed up for a yearly maintenance agreement, our owner will consult with you when you have a question about your landscape or need a quote. He is a professional landscaper with a degree in agronomy and over 20 years of industry experience in the DFW area.

Our Payment Methods

We accept credit and debit cards for maintenance services. CardConnect, our secure third-party merchant services company, processes all payments. After the first visit, you’ll receive an invoice with instructions on submitting your card, timeframe, and signing up for AutoPay. Your amount will be automatically withdrawn each month.

For cybersecurity reasons, we use AutoPay and CardConnect, with our company approving the transaction each month. Our company complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

We usually don’t accept other forms of payment. However, we may carry it for more extensive, one-time enhancement projects like landscape and sod installations.

Reach out to learn more about our essential lawn care programs